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Inclinator - Home Elevators


First, select a Cab Style:


Cab 100

Our 100 Cab style offers flexible simplicity with walls that can be painted any color to match your indoor decor. Finished with a white ceiling and commercial-grade laminate flooring that features an attractive, neutral wood grain finish, the 100 Cab style works with any drive system.

  • Custom cab sizes up to 15 sq. ft. or more if allowed by code

  • Gate openings on 1 or 2 sides

  • 2016 ASME Code Compliant safety accordion gates

  • Two LED ceiling lights

  • Flat wood handrail

  • Cab operating panel

  • Hall station at each landing

  • Automatic gate and door operator available


Second, select a Drive System:


Elevette Cable Drum

The cable drum drive system is our most compact drive system, using a patented, space-saving monorail guiding system. It is also the quietest cable drum elevator in the industry and can accommodate up to 6 landings.

  • Patented, space-saving monorail guiding system

  • Proprietary Control System: serial communication, self diagnostic microprocessor

  • Drive system housed in machine room

  • For use with all Inclinator cab styles

  • 1,000-lb. capacity with up to 15 sq. ft. cab size or more if allowed by code

  • 500-lb. capacity with up to 12 sq. ft. cab size or more if allowed by code

  • Up to 40 ft. per minute travel speed

  • Travel up to 50 ft.

  • Can accommodate up to 6 landings

  • Emergency battery lowering

  • Pre-wire package

  • Cab gate & door safety devices

  • Two Type A safety devices

  • Overrun switch

  • Slack cable disconnect


Select your Gate & Door:



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