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Services - Repairs

Elevating Expectations

At Shenandoah Elevator, we know that keeping your elevator and mobility equipment running is vital to your business. We know that when your equipment isn’t running the way it should be that could mean costly repairs and extended downtime. Being a locally owned and operated company, we are able to respond quickly and be there when you need us the most. We pride ourselves with the fact that we employ only the highest level of expertise of elevator mechanics and assistants. All our mechanics are properly state licensed, and factory trained. That combined with our substantial parts inventory, Shenandoah Elevator can service, and repair all makes and models of elevators. Even if you have a preventative maintenance contract, that will not always prevent occasional breakdowns, that’s where our expertise comes in. Give us a call today to set up your account or schedule a service call!


Services - Modernizatin

Why Do You Need to Modernize?

Elevator modernization is the method of updating functional and aesthetic components of your elevator to make it perform better, code compliant and to reduce repair expenses, or sometimes just to give it a fresh look. Modernization of an older elevator will greatly improve the performance and safety throughout the life of your equipment. If you are having costly reoccurring issues with your equipment it may be a wise choice to invest in a full modernization, if your equipment runs well and you just want a fresh look, a cab modernization may be exactly what you’re looking for. At Shenandoah Elevator we have years of modernization experience and use only the best equipment. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.


Services - Maintenance

Preserving Your Investment

The secret to keeping your equipment operating to its fullest capability, on top of being code compliant is making sure that you have the proper preventative maintenance performed by licensed and trained technicians. By not protecting your equipment it is at risk for more breakdowns and will run less efficient. With a maintenance plan in place, you will reduce potential breakdowns, timely repairs, and save money in the long run. Call us today for a maintenance proposal!


State Required Safety Inspections

The National Elevator Code requires each piece of equipment receive annual and routine inspections.  When an inspector comes to inspect your equipment, they will check all safety features and makes sure your equipment is complying with current state code.  For traction and roped hydraulic units, you will be required to perform a full-load inspection every five years.  Shenandoah Elevator works with properly licensed, third party elevator inspectors to ensure your equipment is code compliant and safe. 


Thinking a New Elevator or Lift is in Your Future?

Shenandoah Elevator only uses highly reputable manufacturers of non-proprietary equipment. All our state licensed technicians are properly trained on the equipment we install, and at Shenandoah Elevator we focus on workplace safety as much as the installation itself. Being a full-service elevator company, we can help with any questions you may have from the first phone call to training you on your newly installed equipment. Whether you are ready to purchase equipment or are just seeking information, we are here to assist you throughout the process.

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