Elevation Innovation Restaurant Dumbwaiter

Elevation Innovation Inc. has developed a high quality “Fully Underwriters Laboratory Certified” restaurant dumbwaiter system available to the food service industry UL file #SA32120. The Inteli-Lift RST restaurant dumbwaiter is an economical motorized dumb waiter. This is usually installed by the restaurant dumbwaiter contractor in under 2 days with fire rated dumbwaiter doors.


The Inteli-Lift Commercial Dumbwaiter from Elevation Innovation is the only fully (UL) Underwriters Laboratory certified commercial dumbwaiter systems in the world.

Restaurant Dumbwaiters Standard Features:

  • Intelligent dumb waiter solid state relay logic controller with variable frequency drive with soft start and soft stop

  • Optional waterproof, steam proof controller enclosure for in kitchen use

  • VFD variable frequency drive gives complete motor control and protection and coverts 115V power into 230V 3 Phase

  • Soft start and soft stop – dumbwaiter will ramp up and ramp down to and from full speed

  • i3 – Innovation Industries Inc. Call / Send commercial grade fixtures built for 1,000,000 + cycles

  • In use and car here lights

  • Additional car here discrete LED light can be positioned in the ceiling tile or elsewhere to alert serving staff upon arrival

  • Stainless steel cab – 20”wide x 30 deep x 36” tall (or custom size)

  • Three custom aluminum trays included

  • Custom aluminum rail system

  • Maintenance free 3 phase Bauer motor/gear assembly made in Germany- Wash down ready

  • Safety devices including slack cable, final top limit, and sling type A safety brake system

  • Commercial grade Interlock door safety devices

  • 250 Lb capacity – 300 / 500 Lb models available floor loading or counter loading

  • 30 fpm rated speed (50 fpm available)

  • Economical, reliable cable drive

  • Travel up to 75 feet and 6 stops

  • Bi-parting gate systems / Slide up gate systems for floor loading 300 / 500 Lb 90 minute fire rated

  • 115V or 230V dumb waiter operation single phase or three phase 50/60 Hz.

  • 50 Db motor sound rating – same as a refrigerator only in an enclosed shaft

Units ship in 4-6 weeks (custom sizes may take additional time) Customer is responsible for all permits and local codes Restaurant Dumbwaiter.

Restaurant Dumbwaiters Optional Features:

  • Optional waterproof, steam proof controller enclosure for in kitchen use

  • Bi-parting or slide up 90 minute rated stainless or mild steel dumb waiter doors (Recommended)

  • Pre-Hung swing dumb waiter doors 90 minute rated stainless steel

  • Cab configurations including same side and front/back and 90* (90* = Bi-Parting doors only, no slide up)

  • 230 Volt 50/60 Hz dumb waiter operation

  • 24 Volt LED car light

  • Additional 24 volt car here LED / device remotely located to alert serving staff unit is at there floor (now included)

  • Electrical disconnect

Restaurant Dumbwaiter System Includes:

  • Guide rail, opposite guide rail & trolley assembly

  • Motor/gear assembly

  • Dumb waiter cab

  • Intelligent dumb waiter controller

  • i3 – Innovation Industries Inc. Call / Send commercial grade fixtures built for 1,000,000 + cycles

  • Interlocks with pre-wired wire harnesses

  • Limit switches

  • Dumb waiter Assembly hardware

  • Dumb waiter Installation Manual


Elevation Innovation Inc. Provides a 3 year Limited warranty on the Inteli-Lift commercial dumbwaiter systems.

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