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Canton - Hydraulic Freight - Dual Holeless

The design utilizes two hydraulic single stage jacks, located on each side of the platform and installed directly on the pit floor.


  • Jack hole is not required. Eliminating the cost of drilling and the risk of ground contamination from oil leak.

  • Offered in both low and high capacity elevators.

  • Accommodates front and rear opening configurations.


  • May require a larger hoistway width to accommodate jacks mounted on either side of the platform.

  • Limited to approximately 16’-0” of travel.

  • Side openings are not an option.

  • Material cost is typically higher when compared to an in-ground application.

Freight Dual Holeless Single Stage Hydraulic


Additional Specs

Speed available to 150 FPM
Minimum Overhead = (Door Height x 1.5) + 9″

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