Canton - Hydraulic Paragon - Dual Roped

The design utilizes wire ropes in conjunction with two hydraulic jacks to lift the elevator at a 1:2 ratio. For each foot the jack rises, the elevator rises two feet.


  • Jack hole is not required. Eliminating the cost of drilling and the risk of ground contamination from oil leak.

  • Offered in both low and high capacity elevators.

  • Accommodates front and rear opening configurations.

  • Available with higher travels up to approximately 90’-0”.

  • Minimal pit and overhead requirements.


  • May require a larger hoistway width to accommodate jacks mounted on either side of the platform.

  • Governor access door is required in the overhead unless a special governor is provided.

  • Side openings are not an option.

  • Material cost and installation time is typically higher when compared to an in-ground application.

Passenger Dual Roped – Front Open Only

Passenger Dual Roped – Front & Rear Open

Additional Specs

Pit Depth = 4′-0″
Standard Cab Height = 8′-0″
Speed available to 150 FPM
Minimum Overhead ≤ 100 FPM = 12′-1″
Minimum Overhead > 150 FPM = 12′-4″

Notes for Dual Roped

  • Hoistway widths and depths can be reduced by 1″ if conditions require and hoistway plumbness is maintained.

  • All elevators shown here comply with NEII and ADA space requirements for wheel chair access.

  • 2000-lb. elevators must have single-slide doors to meet NEII and ADA requirements for wheelchair access.

  • 2500, 3000 & 3500-lbs. elevators shown here comply with NEII and ADA requirements for ambulance stretcher access, unless equipped with center-parting doors.

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